Why LICs Online Term Plan – eTerm Plan Benefits 2

Why you should take LICs Online Term Plan Р eTerm Plan Benefits

You should know below details before buying this eterm plan from LIC

  1. Compare to existing offline term plans of LIC, this looks cheaper. 37% cheaper than Offline version
  2. Maximum age is 75 Yrs.
  3. No accidental benefit rider.
  4. No additional riders attached to it. So it is plan vanilla product.
  5. You must undergo medical test.
  6. It is too early how LIC will give service as currently it is heavily depending on agents force.

Steps to buy Online Term Plan from LIC

  1. E Term Plan
  2. Calculate Premium
  3. Contact Details
  4. Basic Information
  5. Previous Insurance
  6. Medical Details
  7. Bank Details Declaration

Why to take from LIC?

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    E term plan

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