Tips to buy health insurance today

The current 24*7 fast pace of life that we are all accustomed to living has resulted in an increase in the number of lifestyle related diseases across age groups. Directly addressing the cost of medical treatment has become an expensive affair, hence purchasing of adequate health insurance is a must for all in the family. Today more there are numerous health insurance policies available in the market towards which the consumer should show diligence in the choosing the right policy after assessing from a  cost- benefit perspective for the health care needs of himself and his family.

Some points that consumers should keep in mind while opting for a health care policy are:

  1. Ensure that the health care plan comes with maximum renewable age or a life time insurance policy.
  2. The policy should adequately cover the health care needs of all the members of the family, there should be a good study done to assess sum insured depending on the family size, past medical history of members and their area of residence.
  3. Due to the presence of insurance companies that don’t provide health insurance for pre-existing diseases and complications arising out of them, the buyer should exercise good wisdom and look out for companies that provide health care for the same after a particular waiting period.
  4. Women insurers should read the fine print on whether maternity benefits are covered in the provided health insurance cover.

Apart from these there is also the cost factor of premium payments that the buyer has to bear in mind depending on the number of family members and their respective age groups. Cashless insurance facilities are also provided by various health insurance companies, but the buyer should proactively look into the list of empanelled hospitals which would be covered under this policy.

Lastly it would be prudent if the buyer doesn’t depend on family health care insurances provided by the employer as there is always the risk that the employer might change the policy which could impact the health care needs of the assured. In such a scenario it would be wise for each individual to have his or her own policy, today there are Insurance Brokers that fill the necessary gap and keep the needs of the buyer a priority. They are in a better position to check the credibility of the insurance companies thereby aiding the buyer in taking the right decision for Health Insurance. They would provide the buyer with various schemes of different health insurance companies and would be better qualified in advising him in choosing the right policy that covers him and his family adequately.

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