New Health Plan JEEVAN AROGYA Plan no. 903 6

Health has been a major concern on everybody’s mind, including yours. In these days of sky rocketing medical expenses, when a family member is ill, it is a traumatic time for the rest of the family. As a caring person, you do not want to let any unfortunate incident to affect your plans for you and your family. So why let any medical emergencies shatter your peace of mind.

LIC has launched LIC’s Jeevan Arogya, a unique non-linked Health Insurance plan which provides health insurance cover against certain specified health risks and provides you with timely support in case of medical emergencies and helps you and your family remain financially independent in
difficult times.


  1. Maximum Number of days for HCB increased to 720 days
  2. Maximum Number of days for ICU increased to 360 days
  3. No of Surgeries in MSB increased to 140 MSB available for Minors also
  4. Addition of 140 Day Care Procedures (DCPB)
  5. All other Surgeries covered under Other Surgical Benefit (OSB)
  6. Age at entry for PI and Spouse increased to 65 Years
  7. Age at entry for Parents and Parents-in-law is 75 Years
  8. Maximum Health cover for elders – up to 80 Yrs
  9. Premiums are guaranteed for 3 Yrs
  10. Optional Term Rider and Accident Benefit

USP of JEEVAN AROGYA – Comprehensive Family Health plan:
Covering entire family consisting of Husband, Wife, Dependent Children and Dependent Parents of Husband and/or Wife

Other Benefits

  • Premium waiver benefit
  • Ambulance expenses
  • Quick cash Advance Payment
  • No claim bonus
  • Auto increase in HCB& MSB to take care
  • increase in premium

Risk Cover:

  • Risk cover up to 4 lacs per insured Subject to overall limit of
  • 10 lacs (All our Health Policies put together)
  • Guaranteed renewal after every three yrs

No benefits are available hereunder and no payment will be made by the Corporation for any claim under this policy on account of hospitalization or surgery directly or indirectly caused by, based on, arising out of or howsoever attributable to any of the following:

  1. Any Pre-existing Condition unless disclosed to and accepted by the Corporation prior to the Date of Cover Commencement or the Date of Revival (if the Policy is revived after discontinuance of the Cover).
  2. Any treatment or Surgery not performed by a Physician/Surgeon or any treatment or Surgery of a purely experimental nature.
  3. Any routine or prescribed medical check up or examination.
  4. Medical Expenses relating to any treatment primarily for diagnostic, X-ray or laboratory examinations.
  5. Any Sickness that has been classified as an Epidemic by the Central or State Government.
  6. Circumcision, cosmetic or aesthetic treatments of any description, change of gender surgery, plastic surgery (unless such plastic surgery is necessary for the treatment of Illness or accidental Bodily Injury as a direct result of the insured event and performed with in 6 months of the same).
  7. Hospitalisation or Surgery for donation of an organ.
  8. Treatment for correction of birth defects or congenital anomalies.
  9. Dental treatment or surgery of any kind unless necessitated by Accidental Bodily Injury.
  10. Convalescence, general debility, nervous or other breakdown, rest cure, congenital diseases or defect or anomaly, sterilisation or infertility (diagnosis and treatment), any sanatoriums, spa or rest cures or long term care or hospitalization undertaken as a preventive or recuperative measure.
  11. Self afflicted injuries or conditions (attempted suicide), and/or the use or misuse of any drugs or alcohol.
  12. Any sexually transmitted diseases or any condition directly or indirectly caused to or associated with Human Immuno Deficiency (HIV) Virus or any Syndrome or condition of a similar kind commonly referred to as AIDS.
  13. Removal or correction or replacement of any material that was implanted in a former surgery before Date of Cover commencement or Date of Revival (if the Policy is revived after discontinuance of the Cover).
  14. Any diagnosis or treatment arising from or traceable to pregnancy (whether uterine or extra uterine), childbirth including caesarean section, medical termination of pregnancy and/or any treatment related to pre and post natal care of the mother or the new born.
  15. Hospitalisation for the sole purpose of physiotherapy or any ailment for which hospitalization is not warranted due to advancement in medical technology.
  16. War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection military or usurped power of civil commotion or loot or pillage in connection herewith.
  17. Naval or military operations(including duties of peace time) of the armed forces or air force and participation in operations requiring the use of arms or which are ordered by military authorities for combating terrorists, rebels and the like.
  18. Any natural peril (including but not limited to avalanche, earthquake, volcanic eruptions or any kind of natural hazard).
  19. Participation in any hazardous activity or sports including but not limited to racing, scuba diving, aerial sports, bungee jumping and mountaineering or in any criminal or illegal activities.
  20. Radioactive contamination.
  21. Non-allopathic methods of treatment or surgery.
  22. Participation in any criminal or illegal activities.
  23. Treatment arising from the Insured’s failure to act on proper medical advice

6 thoughts on “New Health Plan JEEVAN AROGYA Plan no. 903

  1. Reply nandini bhatnagar May 19,2014 10:29 AM

    call us for taking new lic policy

  2. Reply santanu Apr 15,2015 2:56 PM

    LIC could make this policy more effective by increasing the health cover and making the rules more simpler.

  3. Reply Vasanth Raja Oct 30,2015 11:18 AM

    Is there a policy which covers pregnancy/child birth?

  4. Reply rock Jan 15,2016 6:13 PM

    what is benefit if any surgery is done by policy holder what payment he will get
    the hospital bill or policy amount

  5. Reply Umesh Manhas Feb 18,2016 3:55 PM

    How can we get hospitalization benefits & which Hospitals are authorized by the corporation?
    Please include list of Hospitals covered &authorized by the corporation.

  6. Reply Yash Brahmani Jan 22,2017 7:03 AM

    This is a fraud policy please so not buy this policy we are trapped by our agent he did fraud with us

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