LIC’s New Tech-Term Plan 854 10

Online Term Assurance Plan – Tech-Term (Table No 854)

USPs / Features of the Tech-Term Plan

  • A Non-linked, Non-participating, Life Term Assurance Plan
  • Lower rates for Non-Smoker lives
  • Special rates for women
  • Attractive High Sum Assured Rebate
  • Coverage until age of 80 Years
  • Accident Benefit Rider available during PPT under Regular and Limited Premium Policies
  • Option to pay premium as Regular, Single or for Limited Period
  • Option to take Death Benefit in lump sum and/or installments


Entry Age – 18 to 65 years (LBD)
Max Maturity Age – 80 years (LBD)
Min BSA :Rs.50 Lakhs
Max BSA : No Limit
Policy Term – 10 to 40 years
Premium Payment – Single, Regular/ Limited (Yearly / Half-Yearly)

BSA multiples:

  • Rs. 5,00,000/- BSA up to Rs. 75,00,000/-
  • Rs. 25,00,000/- thereafter

Minimum installment premium:

  • Rs. 3,000/- for Regular/ Limited premium policies
  • Rs. 30,000/- for Single premium policies

Death Benefit Option

  • Level Sum Assured: Death Benefit remains level throughout the Policy Term.
  • Increasing Sum Assured: Death Benefit remains level during First 5 Policy Years, increases by 10% of BSA every year for the next 10 years and then remains at that level for the remaining Policy Term.

Premium Payment Options

  • Regular Premium (PPT= Policy Term)
  • Limited Premium (PPT= Policy Term – 5)
  • Limited Premium (PPT= Policy Term – 10)
  • Single Premium (PPT= 1)

Premium Rate Differentiation

  • Non-Smoker (Male / Female)
  • Smoker (Male / Female)

Option to take DB in Installments

  • Death Benefit may be taken in installments over chosen period of 5/10/15 yrs instead of lump sum amount
  • Flexibility to exercise the option in respect of full or part of claim proceeds
  • Installments will be paid in advance subject to minimum installment amount
  • Flexibility to exercise this option at proposal stage or during currency of the policy

High Sum Assured Rebate: LIC’s Tech-Term

Option I: Level Sum Assured

As a % of Tabular Annual/Single Premium
Age Band (LBD) Less than Rs. 1 Crore Rs. 1 Crore  to less than Rs. 2 Crore   Rs. 2 Crore and above
<= 30 years Nil 12% 20%
31 – 50 years Nil 10% 15%
>= 51 years Nil 5% 7%

Option II: Increasing Sum Assured

Age Band (LBD) Less than Rs. 1 Crore Rs. 1 Crore  to less than Rs. 2 Crore   Rs. 2 Crore and above
<= 30 years Nil 10% 18%
31 – 50 years Nil 8% 13%
>= 51 years Nil 4% 6%

LIC’s Tech-Term: Sample Premium

Policy Term= 10 Years

PPT=10 Years (Regular Premium Policy)

Sum Assured= Rs. 1,00,00,000/-

Mode= Yearly

Category = Non-Smoker

Option 1: Level Sum Assured.

Age (LBD) Male Female Remark (Per Month Equivalent Premium)
20 Rs. 5,456 Rs. 5,192 Male=455, Female=433
30 Rs. 6,248 Rs. 5,896 Male=521, Female=491
40 Rs. 10,260 Rs. 8,460 Male=855, Female=705


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    My DOB is 3rd Jan 1980 ,I want to know that my single premium for one crore sum insured for lic 854 plan, male

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    how can i buy this policy online,

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    how can i buy tech term of lic

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    I am not able to find this term plan in LIC portal. Can you provide the link to apply online?

  5. Reply R THRIVIKRAMA RAO Aug 8,2019 6:55 AM

    R THRIVIKRAMARAO my dob4th Oct 1969 ,l want 1crore policy for 20 years term non smoker pl how much premium detal

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    please provide the link…

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    This plan i.e. Table 854 is not available online on LIC website. Can anyone help what is the issue?

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    How much time to purchase online policy new plan 854 please tell me thanks

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    My age 35yr what is primium for 1cror policy

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