Amulya Jeevan 2 Table no 823

LIC Launches New Term Plan Amulya Jeevan 2 (Table No 823) – Now higher protection at very low premium

Benefits of Amulya Jeevan 2 :

  • Death Benefit – Sum Assured shall be payable.
  • Maturity / Survival Benefit – No benefits on maturity

Eligibility Conditions and Restrictions

  • Min Age at entry – 18 years (Completed)
  • Max Age at entry – 60 years (Nearest Birthday)
  • Age at Maturity – Maximum 75 Years
  • Min Policy Term – 5 years
  • Max Policy Term – 35 Years
  • Premium mode – Yearly, Half-yearly
  • Minimum Sum Assured – 25,00,000 (25 Lacs)
  • Maximum Sum Assured – No limit
  • Maximum insurance cover age limit – 70 years (nearest birthday) Sum assured will be multiple of 1,00,000
  • Grace period will be not more than 30 days
  • Loan – NO Loan will be granted
  • Surrender Value– No surrender value
  • Paid up value – No paid up value

23 thoughts on “Amulya Jeevan 2 Table no 823”

  1. A very nice Pure Term Insurance Plan. Proponents who do not want to unnecessary mix LI with Savings & Investment(?)as a prudent gesture / wisdom. Only few questions:–>
    1. Why NOT available On-Line ?{Saving of Commission being unnecessarily paid to Agents}
    2. Premiums on the much higher side as compared to Peers (Private Life Insurance Cos.)
    3. LIC of India needs to introduce the Scheme On-Line IMMEDIATELY with competitive premium rates.

    Thanks & Regards!!!

    Prakash P. Joshi.
    Mumbai, India.

    1. Thanks for replying Mr. Prakash,
      Below are the ans or my views on your questions,
      1. In India every one is still not online and buying insurance needs some one you can trust.
      2. Yes, I agree with you.But if you compare claim % it is also higher side.
      3. I think its in pipeline.

  2. this is nice and pure Term Insurance Plan. Good features in this Plan.

    Thanks & Regards
    kishore kumar
    LIC Agent

  3. is the policy is still alive? what should be the premium for near 36 age old person(03/02/1979) to maximum 35 terms. please mention the yearly and single premium

  4. Dear Admin,
    I bought Amulya Jeevan-1 3 years back,Can I upgrade(in terms of cover) to this new scheme. Also Do I have to physically present in India to do so.

  5. Dear Admin,
    I bought Jeevan anmol-4 to 5 years back,Can I upgrade(in terms of cover) to this new scheme Amulya Jeevan2,kindly advice….

  6. Hello Sir,

    Can I have multiple nominees in one policy with specified percent share to each nominee ?
    e.g: For a single policy, my wife & mother have 50% share each in sum assured in case of claims?
    Is that possible?


  8. Dear Admin,
    Can I have joint policy with my wife under Amulya Jeevan II LIC plan?

    Can you please help me to calculate the premium for
    Age – 28 and Term –35 years of sum assured 50 lakhs.

  9. Premiums are double as compared to the other Private Life Insurance Cos. its more than 100% (Example if they private insurance says premium as Rs.11000 then in LIC its Rs.22000). If its reduced then we are ready to join this plan immediately

  10. Looks like a good policy. Few questions, can i have multiple policies with different or same nominees? Does the cover start immediately or have to wait for some period? Does it need tests?

  11. Can you tell me that if i do it for 25 lakh,35 years, age:27, do i have to do medical for that. My agent have told that it is required above They are close relative of mine, so cant force them also. what to do.

  12. Sir can i make another person assured with this policy ex. wife and what are the medical tests for the policy

    with regards

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